5 Tools To Boost Your Digital Marketing In the Year 2021

Digital Marketing

With the year 2020, and different challenges, almost getting over, it’s time we start to think about and plan ahead for the year 2021, and how to plan your digital marketing for the coming year.

You should really try a new and different approach to stay on top of the competition. Here are the top five tools that you can try:

1. Lightricks Beatleap:

Visual content is very important in the world of social media marketing, with brands posting vibrant content to keep the feed refreshed and engaging. 

Beatleap is a new and trending software, the app offers new ways to make and edit videos – using awesome audios to create video content. 

This app allows user to make and edit videos according to relevant songs with your video content. You’ve to just add your video clips, select the right music according to your choice and app will synch that and make an amazing content for your social media. This app uses artificial intelligence technology to ramp up your video development process. 

2. VennGage

Most of the brands nowadays are lacking on visual consistency. Most of the times brands just upload photo content without thinking about the potential of making visual connections, this should not be sidelined at all. People have got visual minds – we often forget the names, but we often remember visuals and colors.

That’s why balancing the visual elements (logo design, fonts, colors) is very important in making your presence. Venngage have some amazing features that help saving your brand image elements, and make sure that your content has the matching color schemes.

3. SentiOne:

SentiOne uses AI technology for social listening activities, this tool helps in great ways:

  • Collects online data for your brand
  • Help customer support to answer social media messages faster that usual. 
  • Study data to determine category of influencers and brand ambassadors. 

Basically, this software collects, sorts and prioritizes data and work on it by reading the responses and outreach plans. 

4. Finteza:

This software help in identifying the best performing content and CTA’s. Perfectly done CTA’s is to key of success for your digital marketing campaign, and with the help of Finteza, you can analyze which content converts most of the clicks into customers.

The best thing about this platform is that you don’t need any technical skills to set it up. 

5. Text Optimizer:

Creating fresh content that is engaging and helping the audience is quite a challenging task, be it for your social media handles or blog posts. Text Optimizer uses a semantic analysis approach to create a list of relevant methods and questions on the topics you provide. 


Trying out new and different software really helps in looking at things with a new approach to focus on your targeted audience. Never underestimate the potential of new tools, not all of them are great and live long but still, they help for a time period. 

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