Learn The Basics Of Web Designing And Know Where To Start From

Basics Of Web Designing

Web designing refers to the art of producing and maintaining a website. As simple it may sound, it’s not that easy. We are a part of that generation that is so dynamic that the standards of all the technological things change from minute to minute. Web designing is a wider concept that covers various other aspects related to the maintenance of a website like:

  • Web graphic design
  • Interface design
  • Authoring and proprietary software
  • User experience design
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Web engineering 
  • Web development 
  • Web accessibility

Why is learning about web designing important?

As today every platform is turning into a digital platform, to increase your marketing skills and make your business reach its heights, digital marketing is very important. Web designing skills lend you the authority to change the whole lookup for your content. If your website is attractive and gets good backlinks with more user engagement and SEO tuning high, Google will make your rankings higher which means your website will come among the top results provided by Google to its users.

But this is only possible if your web designing skills are sharpened according to the needs of today’s world. Famous companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa keep updating their websites so that the users don’t get bored with them. These big digital marketing platforms consider their user’s preferences and keep altering their websites according to the changing needs of the customers. So you can say, it is the need of the hour to learn about these skills and implement them.

How to start?

There are many courses in the market today that you can refer to for learning it in an academic manner but the most important thing is to learn about the tools that are used in web designing and development. Web designers today use many tools and techniques to stay up in their game. 

Usage of the kind of tools and techniques depend upon the part of the production and the level of production a web designer is on. But the basic principle behind all the software and technology remains the same. Web designers use two kinds of tools: vector and raster graphics editors to create web-formatted imagery or design prototypes.

Technologies in basics used are HTML and CSS which can generally be hand quotes. So if you want to get into web designing you need to learn the basics of these tools and technologies.

Points to keep in mind while designing a web.

If you want the SEO of your website should be higher and your website should have more traffic as compared to your competitor’s websites. You need to keep these points in mind so that your website is aesthetically pleasing and also analytically.

  1. Purpose- Each page of your website should have a specific purpose so that the users know what they are looking for and how your content is helping them.
  2. Clear communication- Whatever your content is portraying should be in such a manner that you stick to the headline without making the reader feel bored and feed them with information that they can understand easily. In other words, the type of content you post should be easily understandable.
  3. Colors- As unimportant it may seem, but the contrast of your website plays a very important role in making the users stay on your website. If the colors are very unpleasant to the eyes, it will automatically make your website unattractive making you lose the traffic.
  4. Images- While giving information make sure you use relevant images so that the users get an interesting type of information. Without pictures no matter how informative your content is, it will look boring.
  5. Load time- One of the most important factors is the time your website takes to load other pages. Everyone hates the buffering sign. So this technical aspect is very important to keep your users engaged. This is a factor that needs to be updated regularly.

Now that we have learned about the basics of web designing, you can do your own little research and get started on your journey of becoming a web designer while keeping all these points in mind.

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