Must Use These Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends, technologies, and innovations are becoming more popular day by day. Digital marketing is evolving every day and it comes with new technologies and strategies advances emerging. All thanks to the internet, the world is moving at a very fast pace. Digital tools are helping the marketing industry develop massively. 

It is not slowing down even though there has been a significant increase in digital advertising. If you want to speed up your marketing and want to achieve your goals, you should use the latest marketing trends. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing with time. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve created a list of some of the latest digital marketing trends. Let’s take a look at a few that you need to keep your eyes on. 

Live stories

One of the great ways to share your experience through the live stories. Many people are sharing their life experiences and going live on social media with a number of their friends and fans. It was already a well demanding trend, but it has become more popular in this new year. Real people sharing their experiences with products or services is an amazing and powerful tool. Hundreds of marketing companies are already using this technique. The way people’s minds work will be a great reason that will become a big marketing tool. 

People enjoy connecting with other people and they love to do this in a way that they can relate. So, when a friend goes live as they try out new places, you are more likely to go to that same place and go live to show that you’re also part of that. This has become a viral effect and people are likely to see more of these shared experiences. 

Influencer marketing

From may times, marketing has depended on word of mouth to gain popularity for products and services, and now it is evolving into something new. Social media has introduced the world of influencers and these becoming a popular part of digital marketing. Influencers have huge followings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and with just a few words, a video or picture, they can get thousands of people to embrace their brand. 

Marketers are embracing word of mouth even more by using influencers, as it remains very important in marketing. According to statistics, a large number of consumers are signed up to at least one social media platform that creates a great opportunity to market using influencers. 

More & more videos

Let’s face to predict an all-video website, most people are already paying more attention to videos than they do to text. A large number of people share videos of their products and services more often than they share articles. Most people visit the site after they view the videos and many will call a seller after viewing a video. Many people who watch videos of the products and services, they like and share it after. It has proven that most people share videos more than their articles. Video trend is growing very quickly, that more marketers will be looking for ways to utilize video in the upcoming time, more than 80% of companies are already using videos for marketing. 

Data-driven marketing

Did you know the number doesn’t lie? They are not about to change so people can expect more actions driven by the numbers. More & more tools are introduced to help different industries keep up with numbers. Marketers will be able to create smart decisions with the help of different tools and research results. Even every article in itself is driven by the data that depicts certain trends in the marketing industries. 

The rise of AI

AI has already made a great impact on digital marketing and still a work in progress. To provide round the clock assistance for visitors and now research is ongoing to add emotion to AI, by chatbots. AI makes an amazing analysis of a person’s perception about a product for eg. it is positive or negative. 

It will be used to analyze text feedback and it will pick out keywords that can determine perceptions that can help to group feedback and then determine a response. It can be used to determine what messages get sent to who and to understand respondents. It affects digital marketing is likely to be in email marketing. 

Social media time-out becoming real

There is also a drop in the use of social media. Certain media are gaining followers while others are losing them quickly. A survey shows that eight percent of users of social media have permanently deleted their accounts. It is suggested that many people are detoxing themselves from social media platforms after they realize it may be taking up a lot of time, as well as the emergence of trends. The excitement with which people embraced social media is getting more and more. 

Programmatic advertising 

It means using AI to automate advertising buying so you can attract a more specific audience. For example, real-time bidding is a type of great programmatic advertising buying. This automation is much faster and efficient, which means lower customer and higher conversions acquisition costs. It is swiftly changing the face of digital marketing that, according to marketers. 


It will continue to be a great part of digital marketing. This AI-based technology uses instant messaging to chat in the day, night or real-time, with your site visitors or customers. It responses instant to queries and provides 24-hour service and also answers to simple questions quickly. It will help businesses save over $8 billion per annum.

 Many users prefer interacting with chatbots due to they give answers promptly, responsive 24/7, never lose patience, and accurately recall your entire buying history. Many companies already using chatbots technology to speed up their marketing, include fandango, whole foods market, staples, Sephora, Pizza Hut and many others. More than 80% of businesses want chatbots. 

These are the top and latest digital marketing trends that can help you in increasing your performance. Feel free to ask any questions and stay connected to get more information. 

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