Know Social media Influencer Marketing and its Latest Trends

What is social media Influencer Marketing?

Influencer in simple terms can be explained as someone who has the power of or is capable of carrying influence over others. So, a social media influencer is someone who can wield the influence over people through social media. Also, the forms of influence vary from person to person as no two influencers are same and exert the same influence over one person at the same time. Social media influencer marketing can be defined as building relationships with people using these social media influencers in the marketing practices of the business. The extent of their reach is one considerable point but they still are substantial. They can reach the people directly through their social media channels or blogs and articles which are not possible for many business houses.

Social media influencer can help you in reaching your targeted audience. Their influence and credibility on social media channels can help the business houses to drive engagement of targeted group while infusing trust too. Moreover, the social media influencers have their original piece of content to drive the audience. Instead of sticking with your advertising paradigms, they use their own artistry to serve the purpose. This is one of the reasons many business houses are turning to these social media influencers as their extensive reach and stimulating vision can help the business.

social media influencer marketing

Latest trends of social media influencer marketing

So what are the popular trends that are directing the influencer marketing strategy currently? Let us take a look at the latest influencer marketing trends:

Top business brands are relying on social influencer marketing

The marketers of the top business brands are aware of the exertive influence of the influencer marketing strategy. The marketing strategies are currently more inclined towards content marketing and influencer marketing. Business houses are using the influencer marketing to associate with experts of their domain so that they can create their ingenious content surrounding the business deliverables.

Abiding engagement with online influencers

The digital space is becoming nothing less than an influencer marketplace. As a result business brands have to be quite particular when it comes to engagement policies with social media marketing influencers. Primarily they reach the online influencers as and when they need it but with growing significance, this on and off the campaign with top social media influencers will not work out. Their pertinence and influence have persuaded the brands to establish the abiding working relationships with them. Moreover, these social media influencers are active on several social media platforms. With the ideal relationship, your product can be advertised on several social media platforms using these influencer marketing tools

social media Influencer Marketing

Micro –influencers are the most reached

Top social media influencers are divided into three major categories:

  1. Mega influencers
  2. Macro influencers
  3. Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are people with the number of followers that falls under the range of 1K to 10 K. one of the latest trends under digital influencer marketing is the micro influencers are more reached by business houses because of the kind of reach they have. The micro influencers have higher engagement rates than other two kinds of influencers. Also, generally people tend to relate more to them and hence they place more trust in micro influencers. This seems to be more authentic from the perspective of a common person. Also, the higher engagement rates stimulated by these micro-influencers are beneficial for business entities partnering with them for marketing their product or services.

Let the influencer take the lead

social media Influencer Marketing

The campaign can be a total hit or a complete flop and it solely depends upon the veritableness. Latest trends in social media influencer marketing empower the social media influencer to take the control of the content. The correct influencer will associate with the business brand well and should understand about it as well as its market. They can even help with the campaign ideas. They are much aware of the mentality of the audience as they are directly engaged with them. And when it comes to advertising on influencer marketing platform or let’s just say influencer marketing platform, they know their way.

In order for an abiding harmonious relationship with your social media influencers, brands need to interact well. Rather than giving them the guidelines, or dancing over their head, they need to work together. The top social media influencers have some exceptional insights into the successful social media campaigns which can be beneficial for business in several ways.

What makes the social influencer marketing takes the lead in marketing strategies of business?

social media Influencer Marketing

What distinguishes the influencer marketing strategy than any other endorsing or marketing strategy is the element of reliability. Despite have a huge fan base on social media, the top social media influencers are still perceived as a blended part amongst commoners. They are perceived as the normal people, which make it quite easier for a general audience to relate with them on personal levels too. They make posts or vlog their everyday life, stay connected with their “fan-fam” and are able to interact with them directly and consistently. Moreover, these social media influencers are not people with years of experience; they are some stand-outs amongst the common youth and hence are versed with the interest and behavioral pattern of the targeted audience.

Word of the mouth is still one of the powerful marketing tactics and this is why digital influencer marketing still tops the chart. Influencers are relied upon by the audiences and hence anything they say or promote can largely influence the buying decisions of people. Also, one of the biggest reasons that make business brands inclines towards social media influencer marketing is their potential to drive the organic leads. They can help the business brand in promoting and advertising their product to a niche audience, thus facilitating in generating quality leads.

When talking about the marketing of the business brand, Social media influencer marketing will be continuing to be a powerful driving force for quite a long. Their extensive reach on the social media platforms and wielded influence make it one of the most effective tools to directly interact with customers.

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