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Importance of Writing Tools Online

writing tools online
Words are quite hard. Whether you are a published writer or a famed author or just an amateur, just starting with blogging and writing, it’s not easy to string up the words together in the way that it actually hums interesting, while equalizing the factor of generating senses, sounding good and making the reader feel something.

The greatest and the worst thing about writing is the scale of improvement that is unceasing. That means there is always the scope of improvement, probably that’s why you can see several writer working on the single pieces for years. Because a mere look and you can find out the way to make it better. The role of content in digital marketing also makes it significant and some improvement is always expected. While it’s quite joyous to come up with something more finessing, but if you are working professionally, the work deadlines may not allow it , after all your boss is not letting you work on that Press release for week while you are trying all hard to come up with the brainstorming punchers.

Thankfully there are plenty of writing tools online out there that can help you with all the writing process and editing it to make it one of the ideal piece before submissions. Here are some of the “how did I ever live without these” tools for writers:


writing tools online

Image: Grammarly

We all are quite annoyed with those red and green squiggly lines while growing up and working on the Microsoft word document. Undeniably the auto-correct of the document was more like auto-cutting the imagery thoughts. But now while all grown up and working online, we do, miss it as finding the spelling and Grammarly errors on own isn’t that easy. Grammarly is one of most important and popular writing tools online nowadays with high significance.

The one step solution for these problems is “GRAMMARLY” which helps you to find the errors before they go live. Be it creating the content for Facebook campaigns or writing for third party sites or simply drafting mails or tweeting , you can simply rely on this one of the best writing tools online to help you with all those spelling and grammatical bugs. The contextual spellchecker of the tool also helps you with not mixing up the commonly confused words.


writing tools online

Image : Hemingwayapp

It is one of the most significant writing tools online for the current era writers. The app is quite diligent in improving writing, especially if you tend to be the verbose. The tool can highlight the wrongly formatted sentences along with improper grammar, passive choice, the contextual text, complicated words and more and offer up with suggestions. “The short and crisp” is the classic form of writing and “HEMINGWAY” helps you to manifest the same. Grammarly can help you with making your writing better, while the Hemmingway is going to help you in making it easier for readership.


Image: DNA

Just like the writing styles, the working spans of the writers also differ. Some might create the content after a month, while some are working in creating a new piece for content marketing and active engagement of readers. Scrivener is the application that helps the writers with collecting a lot of not and the diversified research, all in one file. “SCRIVENER” is one of the quite significant writing tools online for the writers using physical notes to collect the information and converting the same in writing. The tool can help you with creating the outline of the whole project with the notecards. You can draft the digital notecards, and can arrange them in any desirable order for coming up with the desired outline of the project. It is quite vital for serious writers engaging in writing based on lot of research.


writing tools online

Image: Medium

If you are seeking for great tips on writing on Google, it may not always cater you with the ideals. That’s where the WRITEPLS steps in. the founder of the tool thoughts of jotting down the best of the rest so as to save up the time and the efforts of the writers looking for some healthy reference in readership. To save up the time, it selects and sends the ‘gems” straight to your inbox. Quite a relief from all those reference searching!!! This one among writing tools online is able to categorize the articles in four major divisions with the varying topics ranging from the testimonials to the listicles and more. The topic can be as serious and informative like “cutting down the writing time from days to hours” and proves to feed your mind with the best of interwoven masterpiece of words.


writing tools online

Image: Selfpublishingadvice

If you are looking up taking up this “intertwining of Words”, the writing as your profession, Reedsy is your one of the best writing tools online. This can be defined as the marketplace to get in connect with all the best publishing professionals, from editors to cover illustrators, from marketer to writing conceptualizes, you can connect with them and get the aid in creating graded quality e-books. If you are an aspiring writer or the author stuck up after drafting, Reedsy is your destination that aids you with necessary services that will help you transforming your work into a published piece.

Every writer is different and so are their writing styles. While the writing is not merely jotting down the thoughts and facts in the most “Fancy” way possible, it is more about intertwine the words with the artistry and sharpen skills. The more you spend on creating it, the less you get the time for the improvisation. So why waste up all the precious time and valuable efforts the spell-artistry, when you can get the aid of these writing tools online. Why settle for the stars, when you can land upon the “moon”.

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