This SEO training will help you to understand and learn best practices after Google Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin and all the latest updates of Google algorithm.

Let’s first now what SEO is?

Search engine optimization is a process of expanding the quality and quantity of the site traffic by increasing the visibility of a web page or a website to users of a web search engine. Common tasks associated with SEO include creating high-quality content, building backlinks and optimizing content around specific keywords.

 It’s a little hard to understand for beginners what SEO is? In simple words, it is a planned, ever-changing and continuous web promotion technique with a single goal to increase authority, visibility, and productive traffic to a website.

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Why SEO training is important?

SEO is very important and plays an important role in the success of an online business. It is a marketing technique that helps in improving the rank of website on the search engines. SEO is important for greater visibility and searchability but offers more real value than that. It is one of the most job-oriented fields where learners want to make their career. SEO training is an investment that brings amazing returns to you with respect to employment. Learners also get practical awareness by using the SEO tools throughout the job oriented SEO training course duration.

Search engine optimization has two types: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Our SEO Course in Jaipur

Getting started with SEO

  • Understanding how the search engine works?
  • How do search engines rank web pages?
  • What actually SEO is?
  • What is Local SEO?

Keyword phrases – the cornerstone of a Search engine optimization program

  • Understanding the concept of keywords
  • Introducing keyword phrases
  • The keyword research process
  • Determining the competitiveness of the keyword phrase

Search-friendly website architecture

  • what site architecture means to SEO
  • Domain name
  • Domain Age
  • URL – static, dynamic & SEO friendly

On-page optimization

  • Understanding Meta Tags
  • Web Page accessibility issues
  • HTML tag optimization
  • Writing effective title tags
  • Writing meta-description tags
  • Mobile SEO Optimization

Effective content writing

  • What is good about the content?
  • Content writing strategies
  • SEO content optimization
  • Content structuring

Measuring the success

  • Why ranking is a poor measure of success
  • Conversions and setting up goals
  • Decision making via analyzing traffic data

Link popularity and Page Rank

  • Understanding link popularity
  • What is Google PageRank
  • Best ways to get links
  • Linkbait

Website performance and server issues

  • Hosting issues
  • IP issues
  • Domain name issues
  • Performance Optimization best practices

Overall SEO Strategy

  • Additional Resources & Tools
  • Reviewing top techniques for SEO success

Tools covered in the course

  • Google Webmasters
  • Google Analytics
  • Tools for Keyword Research
  • SEO Auditing Tools

Best SEO Training Institute in Jaipur

These are courses that you can get in our SEO training Jaipur. You can be mastered by learning the basic core rules which will not change ever.

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