Top Digital Marketing Trends For The Year 2021

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has grown rapidly during the crucial times of the pandemic, it has proved to be a boon for dying companies. As we move further, digital marketing agencies will be needed by many businesses to score customers, make more money, and increase the sale volumes. 

Below are the trends that would be very helpful in the digital marketing world:

Artificial Intelligence

AI is being used in many ways around businesses and marketing. It can be used to better the communicating process, read the available data, have a track of various operations, and guess customer behavior traits resulting in the reduction of the manual work. 

AI can help in improving customer satisfaction by providing reading suggestions according to the customer’s expectation. 

Google Verified listings for Local SEO

For local businesses like mechanics, plumbers, electricians, etc. the optimal way to create a digital presence on the Google My Business (GMB) profile. This will provide the geographical base to the users searching, it is very important to keep your google listings up to date.

GMB profile will improve the chances of your business to come on search result top suggestions on Google.  

Using Video Advertising

App developers are focusing on making their product to attain a level to build customer loyalty and almost kill the need to shift among different apps. E.g., Instagram reels feature and Snapchat story. App developing companies market such features on their own to make users use it frequently. 

They can provide a great amount of information in a short period, video advertising makes it possible to explain anything in a better way, leaving an amazing recall value. 

Voice Search

Latest technology advancements like Alexa and Google home products have created a trend for voice-assisted search. The voice search needs to be properly optimized. When selecting the keywords and content, keep in mind what the user will ask Siri, Google, or Alexa. 

Voice search optimization gives the power to game up your business and take it to new heights. Optimizing features mainly consist of making the sound of the assistant more natural, making queries in questions, focusing on long keywords, making the website a device-friendly website. 

Google Ads – Smart Bidding and Automated Strategies

Automated Bidding strategies helps google to study and analyze large scale data and tackle bids in real-time. This strategy is based on campaign goals. The first thing in the process of automated bidding is selecting the strategy based on the business model. It is available for search and display ads based on the selected strategy. 

Smart bidding is interconnected with automated bidding. It mainly comprises strategies based on conversions. Some of the strategies include maxing out the conversions, increasing the clicks, improved PPC, etc. 


So, these were some digital marketing trends you should not sideline in the year 2021. Change is the mirror to progress. You have to take pride and look ahead to new tech, methods, and tools to stay ahead in the game.

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