Choose Best Keyword Research Tool to Target Best Keywords for SEO

SEO has formed a major constituent of all the digital marketing strategies. While SEO forms the core of internet marketing, keywords form the core of SEO. The difference and the extent of the difference an ideal keyword can make for a website is not unknown. Hence many top-notch business houses are investing millions in keyword research. But what about the business houses that doesn’t have thousands to spend on keyword research and are still outshining these “veterans”. The answer is any best keyword research tool. There are many tools that help you in finding the ideal set of keywords that can ascend the rankings of your website too. The best thing is some of them are free while some other offer extensive services on premium version.

best keyword research tool

Here is the list of the best keyword research tool:

Ahrefs keywords explorer

best keyword research tool

What makes this the best keyword research tool is it suggests the maximum number of keywords in comparison to other. The keyword generator of Ahrefs is mechanized by clickstream data. This enables the tool to update the database with the new keywords every month.

Apart from offering the whole deck of keywords, it allows the business houses to filter out the keywords too. Search volume and keyword difficulty are the primary metrics of filtration. These two parameters are cached and hence are automatically available for the entire database of the keyword. Along with these two parameters, you can make your search more defined in Ahrefs. The SEO keyword research tool enables the more unambiguous keyword search with featuring some distinctive metrics. These are returned rate, clicks, and clicks per search. It will make the keyword research more precise and hence interaction with the targeted audience becomes more compelling and easier.

What distinguishes it from other keyword discovery tools is it enables to user to get the defined quantity of the search traffic on the top ranking pages in the niche. Not only that, it will show this in perspective of all the keywords on which they are ranking.

Ahrefs can make your keyword search more defined as you can come up with some efficacious plans and content accordingly.


best keyword research tool

Servings as the best keyword research tool, SEMrush can help you in maintaining a competitive edge with some top ranking keywords. Most of the keyword discovery tools help the user in accessing the relevant keywords in their niche and related search. Unlike them, SEMrush, on the other hand, can help the business houses in accessing the top-ranked keywords of their competitors’ site.

Like any other SEO keyword research tools it can help you with the relevant keyword research but enabling the business houses to track the ranked keywords of competitors make it one of the best choices as keyword analysis tool. This enables the business houses to easily analyze the keywords of their competitors. It helps in coming up with enhanced tactics that your competitor is using to drive the traffic.

Google Keyword Planner

best keyword research tool

One thing to know about this keyword discovery tool is that it is a part of the Google Adwords. Referred as the most popular SEO keyword research tool, it offers its deliverables for free. This makes it the best keyword research tool for a blogger or a newbie or for small-scale business houses. This tool is quite effective in finding the related keywords along with their search quantity.

With the aid of Google keyword planner, business houses can easily search for the new keyword along with some new ad group ideas. Not only that you can extensively get the traffic forecast for the list of keywords in your niche. Not only that, this research tool can help the users in determining how consecutive a keyword is. It helps you to find keywords that can be used to target organic traffic and the keywords that can be used in advertising.

Primarily the Google keyword planner was designed to help the users of Google Adwords. They can search for the related keyword on which they can invest and the ones that drive the organic traffic to their website. Now it can be used to find the whole deck of keywords along with their monthly searches. What makes it an effective and easy-to-use keyword search tool is that users can plug in the URLs that are already live in order to filter out the keywords for the pages and their respective rankings.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

best keyword research tool

It is also one of the most popular and best keyword research tool preferred by several digital marketers. Though its data filtration is comparatively low to that of Ahrefs, yet it is one of the top choices for keyword research. MOZ data filtration is exclusively based on semantic metric along with grouping.

One of the features that make it a top choice for the keyword search is its accuracy with analysis of keyword difficulty. The tool with the aid of its metrics calculates the keyword difficulty of the top 10 pages ranking in the context of a particular keyword. Page authority and the domain authority are the metrics the digital metrics to get the complete difficulty analysis if keywords.


best keyword research tool

This is the best keyword research tool when it comes to finding long tail keywords. Apart from a great interface which is completely user-friendly, the tool helps you in determining the search volume, difficulty levels and CPC along with showing you the prevailing keyword trends.

You can even find out the Google search results of a particular keyword along with its difficulty level that ranges from one to hundred by clicking on each keyword. This tool helps in elaborative analysis of keywords by showing the top ranked pages in the domain, their backlinks along with the social shares and the driven traffic to the website. This can help the business in coming up with more refined and SEO integrated marketing tactics.

Not only that small business houses or start-ups striving for local keyword research can use it too. They can easily find out the search results as per mentioned city, state or country.

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