Guide To Create Compelling Content for Your Portfolio Site

Create Compelling Content for Your Portfolio Site

If anyone has to ask us, as the best web development company in India that, “What’s that one project that requires utmost attention when it comes to content”. The answer would be Portfolio sites. Their content is quite crucial and should be drafted in more considerate manners. It’s the showcase of your skills and personality. Here going overboard will also make the clients hesitant and lack of information also leads to mistrust. So, what should be done to have compelling content for the website?

Here is the complete guide:

1. First things first, be yourself

The first thing to be very considerate about is to showcase your true self on your portfolio website. You don’t have to imitate others just because you find it good. It’s quite important that your portfolio website should be the reflection of your true self and all your offerings for your patrons. By creating something originally yours, you ensure that it hits where it needs to be to people searching for your services. For instance, if your niche is web design and development, include the methodologies you adopt, what’s your proficiency, and other strengths that make you the best person for web development and designing services.

2. Include the channels to contact you

A portfolio is not all about displaying your masterpieces, your best creations; it’s much more than that. If your portfolio site doesn’t include the channels or the way the users can communicate or interact with you, they will not take the pain to search you or the ways to connect with you. You can ask the best web design company in India as well and they will also suggest you make some space to tell people how they can reach you on your homepage. Also, there should be channels to communicate and interact with and not just one medium. Different people prefer different methods of contacting you, so have a couple of ways for them to reach out to you.

3. A personality show up is good

When the users are visiting your website, they want to see the face behind the whole idea. They want to know about you as well. Portfolio sites should essentially include a bit of personality. You can take some headshots and let them know about you as a person. There should be a living identity that should represent the whole website. Also, this is the section where you can be all playful and convince your buyers to choose you over their competitors. A faceless portfolio site isn’t that convincing and persuasive.

4. Page speed matters a lot

You might know that even you as a person wait for a few seconds to load before abandoning the site completely. Well, your users are no different and if your web page takes more than 3-4 seconds to load, chances are they will abandon you as well without even giving it a look. Therefore you should choose the hosting packages that ensure faster speed in loading pages. This is very crucial for every kind of website. So say a big no-no to slow sites. You can choose the best web development company in India and they will guide you about slow loading servers and web host that hampers the page speed and a lot.

5. Fresh content will take your farther and further

One of the substantial things to keep in mind about the content of the portfolio site is to keep it fresh. The search engine loves it and it is one great way that will help you in boosting your search engine rankings as well. You have to add fresh content regularly. It can be via updating your sites regularly, posting fresh blogs giving information to people about your industry, etc. Just remember to make it relevant and compelling. The good thing is you can link these blogs to your website. Videos are quite popular tools as per current standards of digital marketing.

6. Nobody minds a little show-off

If to be defined in layman language, your portfolio site can be defined as your digital CV, just advanced and upgraded. Your content should be up-to-date and very specific. For instance, if you just offer web development and design services mention that only. You don’t have to add SEO experts to it. The portfolio site is the best way to demonstrate your proficiency and skills. So update your portfolio site regularly and keep adding information about new projects.

7. A good shout about your previous clienteles

Another thing that can be included for compelling content on a portfolio site is the mention of the previous clientele. There is no doubt that people do prefer experience over a newbie. So, telling about your previous clients is to entice the new clients and infuse a trust factor in them as well. Your prospective leads will automatically get the idea that there are so many important projects delegated to you and you have successfully accomplished them. Mentioning previous clienteles is to let the visitors know about your track record as a whole. Working for or with the renowned organization or brand you have worked it automatically adds more weight to your track record.

8. Recommendations from previous clienteles

You can all proclaim that you have worked with the top brands and companies but why will the world take your words unless proved with a testament? Direct reviews from the big clients act as the valued testaments of your work and can be included in the content of your portfolio site. They infuse the trust while assuring the new clients about the quality, authenticity, and excellence of your work.

9. Language as per the target audience

Another thing that you need to be very mindful of is the language of the content which should be in adherence to your target audience. Your portfolio site is the depiction of your skills and competency, so make sure you should think about who is directed to, who are the people or the group you are aiming for before considering the way to interact with them. Use their language to deliver your words.

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