What Is Google Discover? How Can It Help In Seo?

Google discovery is the latest technology to build a customized content discovery platform for users. This is different from the search engine, where users need to type in their search and receive a list of relevant search results. It isn’t a tool for digital ad wars; It is one of the world’s largest search engines making sure it stays relevant in the current environment of content discovery. 

Why do Search marketers care about it?

Google Discover has opened up organic ways of opportunities for Digital Marketers. In simple ways, Google Discover can help connect brands with prospects they would not be able to connect through the search. It uses the same content you use for SEO and Content marketing that shows up on the user’s feed. The only difference is that Google is now showing this content to the relevant audience with an interest in the content you’re publishing.  

What type of Content works in Google Discover?

Google Discover allows users with a mix of articles, news, snippets, video content, and some paid ads. The end result varies from person to person because Google is giving personalized content for every feed according to their interests. 

How can I optimize for Google Discover?

You don’t have use options like keywords or location targeting for specific users. Google is responsible for delivering the content to the relevant users and it is all done by the algorithm developed by Google.

Recommendation’s by Google-

• Content should be informational. 

• Content should be optimized according to the mobile platform.

• Page loading time should be minimum otherwise bounce rates will increase. 

• Images should be properly optimized. 

• Use Multimedia content in your blogs. 

• Replicate your successful social media strategy. 

• Google cares about fresh and relevant content. So, make sure to update your content daily. 

Google Search Console:

It is a tool by Google that helps you to gain insights into how your website is performing in search, but also in Discover. There is a specific tab developed to analyze the performance of the content in Discover. You can also see the traffic generated by each post individually. 

In the End, building relations and quality is all that matters. Goggle is going to focus more on Google Discover as Google feeds its predecessor doesn’t make the required popularity for itself in the SEO market, so make sure to properly optimize your content according to the discover. Another important thing to mark is the love and passion of Google for mobile-friendliness. Google has not stated anything regarding how content is selected for Google Discover but experts from the industry have figured out the motive, and that’s Building Relationships and Quality.

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