Best WordPress Plugins for Improved Digital Marketing

Do you know that WordPress is amongst the top choices of many web developers for web development? Do you know what makes it the ideal choice of many web developers and even digital marketers? It’s the user-friendly interface and more than 56000 plugins available on WordPress. These plugins facilitate the workings of both the best web development company in India and the digital marketers of business houses. These plugins are recognized for improving the functionality of the website as it adds more and more features to make it more dynamic and user-friendly. From something as elementary as writing tools to something as complex as SEO tips for digital marketing, there are myriad of plugins available on WordPress. They are the solution that you need for a well-developed website.

For this article, we are here discussing the best plugins available on WordPress for digital marketing. The mere presence of a business on the digital platform is not enough. Like the traditional framework, the digital market also allows the survival of the fittest. The value you propagate to your customers, the methodologies you are using to promote your product, Google bots keep a count of everything. With such competition in digital space and continuous upgrades, these plugins for digital marketing is nothing less than “knights in shining armor”. So, here is the list of popular WordPress plugins available for online marketing by the best web development company in India:


This plugin surely is counted among the most popular WordPress plugins available for improving online marketing. So don’t get a bummer when your competitors have already installed it on their business websites.

What makes it so popular? Well, the answer is from the perspective of SEO; this plugin is a comprehensive solution. This plugin is the ultimate solution to improve the SEO scores for your web pages. From placing of the keywords to Meta description, from alt features of the images used on the website to post description, it regulates so many things in SEO context.

The best feature about Yoast SEO is that it suggests you the best methods to improve the readability of the website content. As a digital marketer, you know the significance of good content and improved readability is another thing in your favor. If to be talked in simpler terms, it is one suggested tool for content management that eventually forms the core of digital marketing.

2. Jetpack

This is one of the plugins that is best suited for both web developers and digital marketers. The WordPress plugin has a lot to offer that makes is a Must installed for your website. The plugin features power tool which helps in keeping the website guarded and secure. This is one significant feature as per the current digital framework. Also, this plugin has proved to b offering its aid in generating organic traffic, boosting the engagement of visitors, in social sharing and in SEO as well. Not only is that it also helps in improving the functional features of the website along with promoting the business through advertising. With over more than 30 services, thus plug-in is again amongst the most dynamic WordPress plugin offering comprehensive solutions in the niche of digital marketing.

3. Google XML sitemaps

As a digital marketer, you probably are aware of the term sitemap and how essential it is to have one for the websites. The WordPress Plugin, Google XML sitemap serves the same purpose. It ensures that Google is notified every time you add a new webpage or update an existing one. It allows the search engines to crawl through your website and retrieve the information. It made your work a lot easier by notifying your new updates and additions on the website so that you don’t have to do it manually.


This is one of the most suggested plugins by the best web development company in India. This has proved to be beneficial in improving the ranking of the website, all thanks to its automated optimization features. The plugin has got numerous features that ensure that every web page is optimized so that your website can easily be found on the internet. Also, it is very helpful in digital marketing on social media platforms. If you’re a newbie or an expert digital marketer, we suggest you install this plugin for your WordPress website.

5. Pretty link

What makes it one of the ideal choices for digital marketers? Well, the plugin is famed for tracking and managing the internal links of the website. From shortening them, to have a brief track of the number of hits on each link, this plugin is nothing less than an excellent benefactor. With its aid, you can also discover the different sources of traffic and more. Moreover, the plugin is widely used in creating the redirects for errors 301, 302 and 307.

6. Just writing

Writing is natural for someone while others just struggle to intertwine their thoughts into words on paper. As a digital marketer, you know how important a well-written content is for the website. In fact, a well-crafted piece of content is powerful enough to generate some good leads for business and to improve SERPs.

The just writing plugin of WordPress helps the digital marketers who lack good writing skills. It features the free writing mode that helps in creating a “killer” content. Not only that, features like spell checker are its add-ons. Removing the distractions like proper formatting, it enables the users to have a customized experience of writing with no distractions.

With these plugins, you surely can build an efficacious marketing strategy. As an online marketer, you probably know the importance of a “smart move”. These plugins are your cards for triumph as they help in digital space. As the leading offshore web development company in India, we have our clients scattered all around the world. Our ace and expertise have empowered us to shortlist these best plugins available for digital marketing to strengthen their game in the digital world.

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