Must Know Technology Related Popular Words (Glossary)

In the era of computer technology and online marketing, every newbie in the area of information technology must be aware of certain words related to technology. Typically there are more than thousand terms which are related with software and technical fields. With the rapid growth in IT field, web design and development services are exchanged from each and every corner of the planet. This era demands folks with all-round knowledge.

Words Related to Technology

So, even if you are not from the technical field of IT world then also you must be aware of some of the fundamental terms. Maybe, such words related to technology can wake up new ideas in your mind and aid you in growing your business. I have elucidated all the terminologies along with an explanation. I hope this article becomes helpful and valuable for the readers.

Common and Popular Words Related to Technology

Social Media

Social Media

While talking about the most popular words related to technology, social media leads the list. There are many tasks performed by social media sites such as collecting content and presenting the content of the user’s choice. Another important aspect related to social media presence is engagement. This involves liking or sharing a post on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, etc. Here, customers and business social media interact with each other. There are many micro-blogging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc which are used for sharing short content, images, videos, etc. The content which goes viral through an online group of people due to mass sharing is declared as organic content. There is user-generated content also which is actually created by the user on the subject of brand or product. Here, there is no role of a company or firm in the user-generated content. On a social network, an individual is connected to many other users. The model of all these online users on a social group is actually said to be a social graph.

Online Marketing

online marketing

Online Marketing consists of affiliate marketing where an individual affiliate (any person or group of people) are rewarded by payments or product discount for making new customers or visitors on the affiliate website. The customers and visitors are brought in by the individual affiliate through content or ads on the website. When a visitor visits your site and leaves the page hurriedly without looking at it then the bounce rate related to your site increases. Generally, sites aim to keep the visitor engaged on their websites. The bounce rates are calculated by Google analytics. One more important factor in online marketing is keywords. Phrases or words used in search engines to get content on the internet are basically keywords. One tremendous online marketing tool is keyword research. The advertisers can put their ads online in front of the consumers who are prepared to buy. This strategy is known as Search engine marketing and it is the most influential way to grow the business. These all words related to technology have become very common in terms of digital marketing & technology.

Product Management

Product management

According to a survey done in recent times, it came out that developers, designers lack behind in understanding product responsiveness. This means that there are not many people who can write great code or create a great product. Today, business owners, web developers, designers, etc need to understand one of the important words related to technology, i.e. product management. To know the basic goal of business, to deal with a project, and be aware of the interest of users are necessary fundamentals needed by these people to present better outcomes. Today, developers need to recognize how the decisions can be made to cut short the full-time job of the product manager and make it effortless.

Agile technology

Agile Technology

A cluster of processes which are creative and flexible to generate the software is known as Agile Development. On the other hand, we can say that code is kept simple and after lots of testing the useful parts of the software are made public when it gets prepared regardless of completing the overall task. With the change in technologies and interests of customers, more flexibility is expected for dealing with needs and demands. With the help of Agile development, you can create a worthy and constructive product rapidly. As agile development concentrates more on the folks and their ideas instead of tools and procedures, it constructs better compassion between I. T. and trade leaders. Features such as dynamic system development method, scrum, feature-driven development, extreme programming come under the field of agile development. With the help of agile methods, higher quality of software can be created faster than the traditional methods. The most important factor of agile development is that it concentrates on allowing people to make decisions together in a quick and effective way.

Cloud computing

On the whole, cloud computing is the release of on-demand computing services from applications to storage, networking, and processing power classically online. A cloud service provider can offer access to applications, storage, and networking to the companies, data centers, or any computing organization. Through cloud computing, a large number of services can be finished. Essentially, all the services which do not need you to be bodily close to the computer hardware which you are utilizing can be released through the medium of a cloud. A negative aspect of cloud computing is that it can commence new risks and new costs for those firms which are using it. Cloud computing can be used to host websites and blogs, to release software on-demand, to build new apps and services, to store data, etc. Cloud computing reduces the expenditure of purchasing hardware and software and making settings etc. As a result, with fewer individuals and few clicks with the mouse, more results at a fast rate can be taken out.

There are tons of terminology in the world of information and technology. The more you read the more you become familiar with the IT vocabulary. As day by day, the companies are growing on the small and large banner and along with them; the growth of custom web development services and so, new and unique terminology is taking place in the IT field. In order to remain acquainted with these terminologies, you must read more and more blogs.

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